Saturday, March 12, 2016

Episode 157 -- "Basement Show"
Join Mike in the basement on a rainy Saturday night. Topics include: porch podcasting plans destroyed; making coffee; doing a show in the basement with the garage door open and looking out on the rainy night; stormy night nightmares and dreaming this week that I was trapped inside an 80s dead teenager movie with a bunch of stereotypes; describing the dim, shadowy basement; just saw "10 Cloverfield Lane", and spoiler-free review; John Goodman; attended TEDx Talks today; moving to action vs. slacking; is it best just to sit out being proactive or join the game and mobilize; being a sideline commentator in life and how all my heroes have done the same and I'm just now realizing it, and; much more!

Show time: 1:10:02

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License Non-commercial Share-Alike License. Attribution by Mike Boody. Released March 2016 on The Midnight Citizen and The Overnightscape Underground


  1. Department of mandatory "good" works

    All must serve the state. They owe it to humanity. It is mandatory. All acts of service offered to the state must be documented for compliance purposes. The new 1040ez+Plus must be filled in with your daily log of common good deeds.

    The previous generation paid into a plan that was legal and mandatory. They were legally promised a return for that lifetime of contributions. If young people feel that they will be denied those benefits then they should vote and raise awareness politically to change the system. However they will probably just riot and fight for an end of all these obnoxious and highly dangerous freedoms altogether. Build me a pig pen and feed me daily. That is their rally cry.

    Tomorrows parties:

    We will win comrade. All will be equal. All will be peasants, but all will be equal. We young socialists will ensure that their is nothing left but the very rich and the very poor. This has been the standard state of the world, except for the brief time when the unruly Americans fought for freedom. Thankfully the people put an end to that.


    You said that gang rapped teens are the dregs of society.

    We must be vigilant against false information. Obviously you meant no ill will towards the rape victims. Our current culture doesn't care what you meant. Meaning and intent have become secondary.

    Context should be key.

    Now, can we share this ideal when judging those we like as well as those we don't. The modern answer is no. People no longer have the will or the education to think critically. We are digital. Conservative "Evil white men" or Liberal "Samaritan's Dilema"

  2. Don't think I would ever say that gang rapped (sic) teens are the dregs of society; I said they are considered "critically at risk" by the education system. I think you need to read your comment over and see how cynical you are being. I have found that people who claim that our culture cannot think critically and has given up on looking for meaning and intent in daily discourse watch way too much news and can sometimes go days without having a meaningful conversation with another human being. Please stop watching the news and talk to somebody.

  3. The third sentence on from the above is pure imagination. Listen again, specifically at 45:16.