Saturday, October 10, 2015

Episode 139: "The Garfield Cult"
Join Mike in the studio late at night. Topics include: saw a "reindeer nose" on a pick-up truck today; starting Christmas too early; procrastinating with taking Christmas decorations down and every other mundane, rote task; cults; junk furniture shopping in the alley; found art; recollections of living in squalor when I got my first apartment; the Futon story; fleas; more audio from the "Friday the 13th" marathon; a field trip to McDonald's to test out their "all-day breakfast" on the night crew; TV review -- "The Leftovers", and much more!

Show time: 1:41:17

Music for this episode is from the New Midnight Cassette System by Frank Edward Nora (Creative Commons License 1.0 Universal). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike US License. Attribution by Mike Boody. Released October 2015 on The Midnight Citizen and The Overnightscape Underground.

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