Friday, June 17, 2011

Kathryn Tucker Windham (and Jeffrey!)

A look back at the life of Kathryn Tucker Windham -- photographer, journalist, collector of southern ghost stories and raconteur extraordinaire -- who died this week at 93.  Also: sit down Indian-style on the rug as Ms. Windham tells ya the story of the University of North Alabama in Florence, and the ghost of Molly's dog who haunts a fraternity house there.  

Listen to me and some of my other cohorts in the microphone game at THE OVERNIGHTSCAPE UNDERGROUND, your premier site for commercial-free late nite broadcasts you can't hear anywhere else!


  1. Forgot to tell you that I enjoyed this one. I saw the courthouse 8 years ago when I was working for a law firm and I had to file paperwork at the new courthouse, which is across from the old one. Took a picture of the "face", but it never really came out.

  2. Ps. Whoever moved your shoes is probably the same person who is moving bowls around, opening cabinets and sporadically spreading water around our kitchen. That ghost has got a real attitude problem!