Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where I've Been and What's been Goin' On

The other day I checked with my bank and was dumbfounded and a little paranoid to find a charge of 10 bucks to my Regions checking account from Google. Whaaaa....? What can you buy from Google? Has the search engine I use every day -- whether it be as an important tool for research or as a completely trivial time waster -- become so good now that one might be able to type in something so private as, say, "Mike Boody's checking account number" and withdraw from it footloose and fancy dandy? I sat on this mystery for the day -- trying to remember what the hell I have bought off the Internet -- much less GOOGLE -- in the past month. I never buy anything off the Internet. I think the last purchase may actually be a sampler pack of Cigars I bought two months ago. Read More...

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  1. hope we get more midnight citizen, I've really enjoyed your shows. I know what you mean about wanting things to be perfect, but it is one of those tricks of psychology that we all can't help being a victim too, what i'm trying to say is that we are all too harsh on ourselves, and I hazard to guess that some of what we see as faults, others see as original style.

    Keep kicking against the bastards.