Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Night: A Week Off

No, "A Week Off" ain't the name of some Hughes-wannabe teen comedy from the 80s; it's a decision my state of mind has forced me to make. This week has been populated with all kinds of craziness: first, I had an apartment, then lost it because I waited too long to decide and it was rented out to some other dude; then, I went broke; then, I decided I wasn't broke, and it was just paranoia; then, we got a super cool apartment for a song in (here's the kick) the SAME building we're in now.

Regardless of how easy it may seem to move all your dishes and books and DVDs and toiletries one level down a flight of stairs, it's still moving, and it's a queen bitch, so I'm taking this Friday Night -- usually reserved for sitting on the deck and bringing you a new movie -- off, crashing from the first of (hopefully) three days of relocating junk (actually, it's nice stuff, but everything looks like junk when you're moving), and quietly drinking coffee on the porch.

But not wanting to expend the effort of pullin' out the camera and dealin' with YouTube doesn't mean I can't still recomment something. For some odd reason, I got to thinking about the old ABC classic, "Eerie, Indiana", one of the best one season, prematurely axed TV shows this side of "Freaks and Geeks" -- and, maybe, "Joey", but let's not go nuts. Check it out; you may have never watched it and are in for a treat, or you haven't watched it since before your voice first cracked and are in for a somber stroll down nostalgia avenue. Watch it, and try and answer me the question: how is that kid making any kind of money throwing newspapers on a bike? Seriously, at .10 cents a paper, what's he making? Like, five bucks? Whatever...

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