Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christian Side Hug

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I'm privileged to share this very special episode with hilarious Up-and-Coming Political Comic Edward CeWater. Also: space shuttle launch, Phil Hendrie, Winter Olympics, The Simpsons.


  1. Mike,

    You will be happy to know that the "Christian Side Hug" thing was a bit of a parody. While it is true that it was performed at a Christian youth retreat thing, it was not intended to be taken seriously.

    There's actually an interview with the creator here:

    I know that this helped me a bit, because if I learned that this was supposed to be a serious message, I don't know that I would never be able to get past it.

    And Phil Hendrie is an absolute genius. I have been a member of his site for years. I can hook you up with a ton of stuff as I have gigs upon gigs worth. It is amazing and I love to hear about people getting turned onto his stuff. He left radio a couple of years ago, but then came back last year with a new format (read: not as good). Thankfully, as of a couple of months ago, he has returned to his original format and is now doing the guests, the characters, and all that goes along with it.

    Glad to hear someone else appreciates his brilliance.

    Great episode, man. Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks Bert -- I knew it HAD to be parody; I even did, like, two hours of research on it but couldn't find any evidence that pointed otherwise.

    Glad you like the show man.