What the H*ck is This?




Hi, and welcome to THE MIDNIGHT CITIZEN, your late night podcast from Birmingham, AL. I'm your host, Mike Boody.

I've always loved the idea of "Night Radio", and the anything-goes graveyard shift format. In 2010, after years of suggestive influence from "Christmas Story" Author and Night Radio Patriarch Jean Shepherd, I took my roommate's microphone and a mixer and began this show, with the soul purpose being to talk about any subject, no matter how trivial -- from B Movies and cigars, to breakfast cereals and amusement parks. While occasionally doing interviews, I enjoy prolonged monologues most of all -- simply because those are the types of radio shows and podcasts I listen to most. They seem to allow the listener a more intimate experience, as if they are having a conversation with the host in real time.

In February 2011, I joined other hosts of The Overnightscape Underground, a tight channel of fellow podcasters founded by Frank Edward Nora, a guy who's been podcasting since before it was even invented! While some hosts come and go -- and return -- it's been a perfect source of motivation to keep going -- not to mention a great partnership with other folks across the world who enjoy the simple pleasure of talking about their lives and pop culture into a microphone.

Initially, THE MIDNIGHT CITIZEN was very sporadic, and I only recorded when I had the time and energy. In May 2014, however, I committed myself to doing one show a week, which I feel has allowed me to improve my style, and has also grown my audience slowly but surely.

So, pull up a chair, grab a beer out of the ice chest, and kick around a while. Saturday night begins when you hit "Play"!