Friday, September 23, 2011

The Final Girl Theory

After a month's absence, I get on back to the microphone for another landmark episode.  Actually, this is a show that was supposed to be posted weeks ago, just after Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival in late August, but due to a slew of technical problems (no procrastination for once, I promise), it's just going up now.  It's still cool and relevant, though, I swear!

On this episode: 

An interview with Mark Trammell, former pop culture and entertainment editor for UAB's Kaleidoscope newspaper, who gives the most extensive review you'll hear of the grassroots Sidewalk Film Festival.  I talk with Mark about why Sidewalk matters in the film festival scene, and get a breakdown of all the independent flicks that played at this year's event that you need to see.  Tell your girlfriend, tell your parents -- truly something for everybody!