Thursday, December 3, 2009

Setting up the website

I worked today on designing the new header for the blogger site, which I've never done before and I'm actually pretty impressed with what turned out. For those of you who aren't, then take off -- it's my first time out.

(Sometimes it's good to talk a little Canadian.)

I guess I'm making a vow right now to suspend working on the podcast through the weekend because I have other real world matters to attend to -- such as work and graduate school. But like I said, wisemen, the Christmas holidays begin for me next Wednesday, so I will hit the mic hard in less than a week, and you can finally see what all this nonsense is about.

I do such a great job of selling myself, don't I?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Setting up the podcast

For all three of you reading this right now, CONGRATULATIONS!

You're witnesses to history -- like the Indians who first spotted the ships docking at Plymouth rock, or the three wisemen in the manger on the first Christmas.

I'm starting this blog to host THE MIDNIGHT CITIZEN, a podcast I'm hoping to set-up over the Christmas holidays.

What is THE MIDNIGHT CITIZEN, you ask? At this point, I'm wondering how much I should or should not reveal. Suspense is the best PR. I guess I learned this early in life -- possibly in high school, when they wouldn't reveal what Godzilla's face looked like. I went and saw the movie, found out what the face looked like, and didn't care two seconds afterward. The movie was awful, but hey, they still got my money. Why? Because of the whole factor of not knowing.
The same thing goes for Deep Throat. For thirty years we were all kept in suspense, imagining the face of the most notorious informant of one of the greatest governmental conspiracies ever. Then we found out it was just some old guy with fake teeth living in California.

You can tell this is gonna be a great podcast, huh? Godzilla and Deep Throat -- it doesn't get any better than that. Keep in touch, wisemen!